Meet The Team

Katherine Dryden Managing Director

Katherine played a pivotal role in establishing Property Sales (NW) in 2019, where she took charge of a team specializing in property management for hospitality, retail, and commercial properties. With her extensive background in overseeing industrial estate properties and collaborating with independent hotels, Katherine brought invaluable expertise to the field of property management.

As unexpected events such as the COVID pandemic and the Ukraine war unfolded, Katherine astutely recognized a unique opportunity within the renewable energy sector. By identifying the substantial increase in energy rates, she discerned that many of her clients were facing the imminent threat of business closure.

Over the past 18 months, Katherine has actively collaborated with a talented team to delve into how renewable energy companies can offer tailored solutions to address the specific challenges encountered by her previous clients. In response to this newfound focus and direction, Property Sales (NW) underwent a comprehensive rebranding process and is preparing to launch an innovative product in the market as Be Brighter Energy Limited.

Katherine’s extensive experience showcases notable achievements, including her successful execution of mergers between medium-sized companies through strategic acquisitions. Moreover, she has demonstrated her adeptness in efficiently managing hotels with over 200 rooms. Katherine’s expertise lies in assembling teams of exceptional individuals who can deliver outstanding results and leave a lasting impact on the chosen sector.

Simon Wakeford Chief Finance Officer

Simon is an accomplished director with a proven track record in in global organisations. He possesses a strong skillset in financial planning and analysis, business planning, business partnering, financial management, strategic planning, and customer experience management. Simon’s keen attention to Corporate needs and objectives make him an invaluable asset in organising the Finance and Business Operations team.

Adam Pearce Technical Advisor

As an accomplished professional with extensive experience in the renewable energy field, Adam has consistently demonstrated his ability to lead and propel sustainable projects to success. Throughout his career, he has held positions as a project leader, effectively guiding teams and optimising their performance to deliver exceptional results. Adams expertise lies in leveraging comprehensive energy data and market insights to provide accurate forecasting and optimise project outcomes.

He has had the privilege of collaborating with renowned corporations in the renewable energy industry, including Lightsource, SunEdison, and Ylem Energy. In these roles, he played a pivotal part in leading teams and delivering secured Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) contracts for multi-megawatt pipelines. By working closely with stakeholders, he ensured the development of robust solar leases, licenses, or PPA agreements, setting the foundation for long-term project success. With nearly a decade of experience in selling renewable energy solutions, he possesses an in-depth understanding of the market landscape and consistently achieves outstanding outcomes.

While Adams primary expertise lies in project leadership and strategic planning, he possesses a strong technical background that allows him to conduct thorough site visits and engage effectively with clients. Proficient in utilising advanced data modelling and Artificial Intelligence tools, he also offers intelligent energy solutions that address the challenges presented by the evolving energy mix. By leveraging an Al platform, he enabled a controlled distribution of resources such as Solar PV, Battery Storage, and CHP, effectively linking renewable generation to industrial sectors.

Given his proven track record in leading successful ventures and driving renewable energy projects forward, he is uniquely positioned to assist companies in embracing sustainable solutions and achieving their energy transformation goals. With a combination of leadership acumen, technical expertise, and market knowledge, he is confident in his ability to contribute to the success of any renewable energy project.