Elon Musk has perhaps the most exciting portfolio of businesses on the planet.

There’s SpaceX with its mission to Mars, and Tesla with its super-fast hi-tech electric cars.

He claims his Hyperloop concept could revolutionise public transport. And even his Boring Company is kind of interesting – it aims to find new ways to dig tunnels.

So which one will end up changing the world most? It is my contention that it will be his battery business.

Doesn’t sound that scintillating does it?

But the compact, lightweight lithium batteries that mean you can now stream movies on wafer-thin phones will soon be powering much more of your life.

You’re probably already interested in the potential of electric cars.

But maybe you also have the usual concerns about actually buying one: the price, the range, and worries about where you are going to charge the thing and how long you’ll be stuck there.

Yet the market certainly seems to reckon they are the future. Just look at the Tesla share price.

Last week it briefly nudged ahead of Toyota to become the world’s most valuable car firm, even though the Japanese giant sold 30 times as many vehicles last year.

One reason is that Elon Musk has been teasing investors and rivals with the promise of “battery day” sometime soon, at which he will announce a series of advancements in battery tech.

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The article was written by – Justin Rowlatt